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Work-For-Hire Primer for Educators

For design and art schools today, the issue of work-for-hire should be front and center on the agenda.  Sadly, the “business” of being a professional artist is routinely overlooked when it comes to “educating” young creatives about their chosen career path(s).  Simply put, a student’s ultimate success as a professional depends equally as much on how well he understands contract negotiation as he understands how to layout a page, prepare a canvas, or select the correct aperture.

It is our belief that students, staff, business leaders, parents, and community members should all be well informed of copyright and work-for-hire legalities.  In the final analysis, professional creatives of all mediums bear the responsibility of educating themselves and their colleagues about issues that affect their livelihoods.

An understanding of work-for-hire as described in section 101, page 7 of the U.S. Copyright Act gives teachers, administrators, professionals, and students a great deal of power.  This resource guide and the resources available at StopWorkForHire.com and ProfessionalArtistsLeague.org are designed to help educators and creative professionals make the best use of that power.


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