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Why should I take The Pledge?

You may think this is asking a lot. You may ask rhetorically, "Well, if everyone is requiring that I sign a work-for-hire agreement, then what's the harm?" You may argue, "Well, if I don't sign, I won't get the job".

The Hard Reality 
If you sign work-for-hire, you, the contractor, are helping perpetuate this egregious problem. When you sign, you are hurting the industry, your colleagues, and yourself. Every time you agree to absurd rights transfers, you make it harder for everyone to retain their creative integrity. If you sign, you are giving away your rights with no guarantee of future work ... If you don't understand this, slap yourself.

Contractors who agree to work-for-hire ARE THE PROBLEM.

We realize that due to the sheer number of unemployed designers in a saturated market, the thousands of "newbie" independents, and the ridiculous notion that "anyone can be a designer", there will always be a pool of desperate creatives who will sign anything in order to land a job.

The "But"
But we are confident that if the relatively small number of highly experienced, truly talented and reliable professionals who are available to agencies shrinks, we will eventually prompt change.

Our mission is simple: To educate, create a union of resolute professionals, and work to promote change. Join us. And let the 'big boys' know you won't bend over for them and squeal like a pig.


Work-for-hire is an affront to creatives and the creative process. Chapter 6 >>